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Grateful On Purpose

That moment you realize how blessed you are and how often you take the magnificent things in your life for granted by overlooking them and not seeing them as such. That moment becomes a humbling reflection. Something as simple as the breath in our bodies is one of the most precious and valuable gifts. Unfortunately, breath is often only appreciated as one learns what it feels like to almost lose it.

I don’t want another day of my life’s journey to go without me being grateful…on purpose. At some point we have to make a commitment to being the beauty and goodness we desire to be surrounded by. And with that commitment, there is a walk that is walked. A walk with the first destination being “101 Be Kinder to Self” Boulevard. There are many routes that can be taken, but Google Maps won’t get you there. You will find that the direction will come from within when you ask God for the map.

Exhausted and bruised by another knockout by life, it is easy to ask. How about on those beautiful days, when everything is going just right? Do we ask for continued direction then? I will be the first one to admit that I do not always. Even though it is unintentional, I have to remember what I tell my oldest son, “It isn’t about your intention, it is about the result of your action; and since the road to hell is paved with good intentions, you might want to find better reasoning.” I want to intentionally seek direction, be humbled by the day I was blessed to live and give thanks. I want consistent internal peace. That is something I will work for and fight to keep.

So, for me, the route planning begins with a pause, a journal entry, and reflection. Resulting in the green lights meaning “proceed with seeking direction and moving accordingly”; yellow lights mean “prepare to rest and pray” and at every red light, thanks will be given. I’m traveling light this time around, leaving baggage on the curb for waste management to pick up. Good riddance to bad moves.

Here’s to everyone’s safe travels.

Bon Voyage and see you at the top!


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