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Originally released in 2009, Q Speaks's I Am Queen (Revised/Expanded Edition) is a powerful and inspiring read for women of all walks of life. Q Speaks realized that the road to the throne is paved with learning, loving, and living, and this book embodies just that. This revised and expanded edition of her first motivational literary work is a testament to accountability, growth, womanhood, and self-love. With an emphasis on empowerment and resilience, it is also a true testament to the author's passion for uplifting and empowering women to embrace their royal identity. Whether you're a fan of the original or a newcomer to Q Speaks' work, this updated edition is a valuable addition to any personal library. Get ready to be motivated, uplifted, and inspired by Q Speaks's profound words and wisdom. A timeless and relevant resource for every woman.

I Am Queen

SKU: 1002
Expected to ship by mid-June 2024


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